Welcome to our world, the Gasthaus zur Blume...

...in Hausach, the charming small town in the middle of the Black Forest, surrounded by mountains Brandenkopf and Farrenkopf in the valley of the Kinzig. We want you to feel welcome starting with the reception until your departure. Take our word for it. We are looking forward to welcome you in our completely renovated house.

Completely renovated hotel rooms and apartments

Experience hospitality in a friendly atmosphere - for more than a century. No matter whether as holiday guest, hiker, or business traveller relax in our elegant rooms - alone or in good company - and celebrate family reunions and other festivities. Relax in fully-renovated and cosy hotel rooms in the main house or in our apartments in the house "Schätzle". Arrive and feel well.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow...

The history of our house begins in 1870 with the construction of the world-famous Black Forest Railway. The track and tunnel workers at that time were provided with food from large bowls in the yard. After the railway was finally completed, it continued to shape the fortunes of our restaurant and hotel. Since, for long time, there were no recreation rooms in the station, the train workers came to our house to drink beer and enjoy their lunch boxes. Despite the train and station personnel, more and more travellers and Black Forest-loving tourists from all over the world came to stay with us. Our aim was always to stay close to our ancient roots, yet to evolve and accomodate future needs. Our ideas are inspired from rootedness, tradition, and the sense of renewal.

Nur wer sich die Zeit nimmt, Gast zu sein,

wird auch erfahren,

wie Gastfreundschaft zu einer Blume wird.

José F. A. Oliver

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Was bei uns so läuft...

Liebe Gäste und Freunde des Hauses,


bitte beachten Sie, mein Mann und ich werden unseren Betrieb zu Ende April abgeben.


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